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A dear friend of mine popped up a question on what did I miss the most about this pre-pandemic life. It got me thinking and I do miss the normal routine which I previously took for granted, which is freedom to travel. Now I long for these and other daily activities that made up the fabric of my pre-pandemic life.

When life returns to normal, I yearn to fly to one of my top cities, Singapore to visit one of the most beautiful destinations, Gardens By The Bay. I am most grateful to Traveloka for making it possible every time to buy Garden By The Bay entrance tickets online through their website, so that I could just skip the line. Anyway, if you guys are heading to Singapore anytime soon, you guys definitely want to check them out. It truly makes my travel journey rewarding.

Probably you all are wondering why Gardens by the Bay? No attraction in Singapore is as mesmerizing as Gardens by the Bay. Located in Marina Bay, I think the park is one of Singapore’s most recognizable landmarks. By day or night, the scenes at Gardens by the Bay are so breathtaking. Since I laid my eyes back in 2012, I realize that there’s more to it than its space-age good looks. 

As one of Singapore’s leading family attractions, these magical gardens offer the ultimate escape from the busy streets. Whether you are a nature lover, an admirer of art or more of an architecture enthusiast, Garden by the Bay will satisfy them all.

My advice to you is that you should see it for yourself and today might be your lucky day, because in this article, I will give you inside tracks on the best options and help you discover all you need to know about Gardens by the Bay with a complete guide for what to see and not miss.

Things You Definitely Should Not Miss Out When You Visit Gardens by the Bay

Three Destinations in One 

The three main attractions are the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and of course the Supertrees. Known for its glistening glass conservatories, both Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are the two greenhouses where different climates have been created. Inside there, you can explore many plants from different regions of the world, for example like the flora of a humid tropical mountain range or the cool-dry Mediterranean. The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are open at the same time and mostly you can find the tickets online a little bit cheaper, well you know where to buy them right? 

Well, that’s not all. Don’t forget to add to the Supertrees, four themed outdoor gardens that reflect the native equatorial environment of SouthEast Asia. The Supertrees are artificially laid trees within a steel framework. On the top, they also have solar collectors to generate energy from the sunlight and also at night, when the Supertrees are illuminated. Really impressive!

I recommend visiting Gardens by the Bay in the late afternoon and staying until sundown when the Supertrees light up in an audio-visual spectacular. The man-made structures remind me of Africa’s Baobab trees are covered in a variety of plants and wired with solar cells that power on different enjoyment from a light show to epic movie soundtrack. Truly a spectacular view!

OCBC Skyway 

Another activity I can recommend is the famous OCBC Skyway, where you get to walk among the supertrees and enjoy amazing views. It’s a little scary if you’re afraid of heights, but it’s safe and you won’t fall down as long as you follow the safety guidelines

The total height is 22 meters and the whole aerial walkway is about 128 meters long. It’s a cool experience that you can buy extra for 8 SGD/person. The skyway is walkable in 5 minutes, but most people stay for about 20-30 minutes to take photos. It’s a great experience and it feels pretty cool to walk 22 meters up in the air with an open surface. And don’t say I never tell you this, but the photo opportunities here are amazing!

The world’s (second) tallest indoor waterfall & Outdoor Garden

Within the misty Cloud Forest is a 35m tall mountain from which cascades what was for years, the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. That is until Singapore outfit itself in 2019 with the 40m Rain Vortex in Jewel Changi Airport

Aside from that, Gardens by the Bay is a large precinct and also has nine other garden developments, including the Serene Garden, Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes, Bay East Garden, Children’s Garden with outdoor water play area, the Sun Pavilion and Heritage Gardens for you to sight-seeing!

Far East Organization Children’s Garden

Visitors with Kids? No worry, because you guys can cool off with a visit to the Far East Organization Children’s Garden, an outdoor playground and water park filled with features (from water tunnels to spray jets) that ensure everyone stays cool in Singapore’s notorious heat.

Dining & Shopping

Aside from becoming a home to more than 40 sculptures from around the world spread throughout the grounds, Gardens by the Bay is also home to a wide variety of restaurants and cafes for those who get hungry while exploring the vast attraction. In addition, there are also three gift shops on site should you want to pick up a souvenir or two.

Giant trees, natural wonders, delicious food, all in the heart of the city. What else can you ask for? I truly hope this post inspires you and if you love the idea of visiting Gardens by the Bay, do tell me!