The number of activities will definitely make you want to ‘run away’ and immediately enjoy a long vacation, either alone or with your partner. Is not it? However, the tight daily schedule certainly makes you not free to take a vacation. Especially if the opportunity for leave has been used up and the money savings have been used up to meet other needs.

You can take advantage of weekends, red dates, and even New Year’s moments for holidays. I want to have a special schedule every year to relax away from the daily activities, but how are you with the budget?

Don’t worry, I have a few tips so you can have a vacation every year! Let’s listen!

Prepare a Travel Plan ( Itinerary )

Try to make a more detailed and directed itinerary, from the time to what activities will be carried out during the holidays.

1. Determine Vacation Time

First, check your calendar. See, what dates are you free from activities and for how long. Determine the right date so that you are not rushed by other activity deadlines.

By knowing the number of vacation dates, you will be able to redefine the following:

  • Departure time and return time
  • Tourist destinations
  • Vacation preparations
  • Vacation budget

With a definite date when you go on vacation, your preparation will be maximized and your vacation will also be well directed.

In addition, you can prepare transportation tickets in advance so you don’t have to run out of tickets because the schedule is not right. If that happens, you can still look for other alternative modes that you can use to get to your vacation location.

2. Determine Vacation Destinations

Next is to determine a vacation destination. If you have a day off for about a week or more, you can take a vacation out of town, outside the island, or even abroad. Nothing prevents you from going far from where you come from, really. However, if you only have a short period of time in a matter of days (1-3 days), you can still go on vacation even if you only visit a destination that is not far from where you live. You can staycation, to the beach, or visit the delightful tourist destinations in

How exciting! Moreover, going with your partner and close friends, the important thing is that you can unwind!

3. Summarize your itinerary

After knowing your vacation time and vacation destinations, it’s time for you to summarize your itinerary!

  • Find out in advance about the tourist destination information you want to visit, then write it down.
  • Make a timeline of your vacation and the costs required. Describe completely and clearly each of your activities during the holidays.
  • Plan your budget, starting from transportation, consumption, and other unexpected costs.

By arranging a few things above, your vacation will be more structured and you will feel more comfortable living it.

Tips: You can use travel tour services or open trips, where usually all activities have been arranged by the management/committee involved.

1. Preparing Funds ( Budgeting )

After compiling the itinerary properly, then what you have to do is prepare funds to realize the itinerary. One of them includes preparing an emergency fund if something unexpected happens that requires funds to solve it.

Here are some steps you can apply so you can go on vacation every year.

2. Save money

Your plan may have been very mature and you have also determined the nominal fee for a vacation trip. Now, how do you get this nominal value to be fulfilled?

Frugality is an alternative that you can do to reach your target budget. In order to save money, try to always differentiate: costs for daily needs, with other costs that are devoted to other needs that are not too urgent.

3. Invest

In order to achieve a financial target, including vacation costs, saving is still necessary. However, the value of money saved can be eroded slowly, especially if you use banking services (there is an additional administration fee every month).

Therefore, let’s try investing! Why is that? So that the value of your money can be consistent over time, even the nominal is likely to continue to increase.