Napoleon’s invasion of Spain in 1808 marked a turning point, compelling Criollo elites to form juntas that advocated independence. Latin America is the term used to explain the 20 unbiased republics in South and Central America that have been colonised by the Latin nations Spain,Portugal and France and which communicate Romance languages. Latin America consists of 20 nations and 14 dependent territories that cowl an space that stretches from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego and contains a lot of the Caribbean. It has an space of roughly 19,197,000 km2 (7,412,000 sq mi), almost 13{81cc0fe1eab66fe80e6ceffe4a8fe2aab5fa5a99360d51e86fd3ace4228455bf} of the Earth’s land floor space.

As a part of the United Kingdom, the basic political system in England is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary system. There has not been a authorities of England since 1707, when the Acts of Union 1707, putting into impact the terms of the Treaty of Union, joined England and Scotland to form the Kingdom of Great Britain. Before the union England was dominated by its monarch and the Parliament of England. Today England is ruled immediately by the Parliament of the United Kingdom, though other nations of the United Kingdom have devolved governments.

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As of 2nd March 2020, population of Latin America and the Caribbean was estimated at greater than 652 million, and in 2019, Latin America had a combined nominal GDP of US$5,188,250 million and a GDP PPP of 10,284,588 million USD. More than 2.5 million Latin Americans were murdered between 2000 and 2018. Europeans visited and colonized distant islands beginning in the 1500s. For example, they introduced devastating illnesses unknown to islanders, who had no resistance to them. Island populations such the Taino (within the Caribbean, probably the first Native Americans encountered by Christopher Columbus) shrunk to near-extinction.


  • Many of the tales and pseudo-histories make up a part of the broader Matter of Britain, a collection of shared British folklore.
  • Referred to because the “residence of soccer” by FIFA, England hosted the 1966 FIFA World Cup, and won the tournament by defeating West Germany four–2 in the last, with Geoff Hurst scoring a hat-trick.
  • m) Information on introduced biota, notably alien or feral species or diseases known to be invasive on islands and to cause main conservation issues.
  • The Philippines is a tropical country found in maritime southeast Asia.

The Presbyterian Church of Wales, which follows Calvinistic Methodism, is the largest denomination in Wales. There are other non-conformist minorities, corresponding to Baptists, Quakers, the United Reformed Church (a union of Congregationalists and English Presbyterians), Unitarians. He was the first Christian martyr dating from the Romano-British interval, condemned to death for his religion and sacrificed to the pagan gods. In newer occasions, some have advised the adoption of St Aidan as another patron saint of Britain.

From Ireland, he worked at Iona amongst the Dál Riata and then Lindisfarne where he restored Christianity to Northumbria. With over fifty three million inhabitants, England is by far essentially the most populous country of the United Kingdom, accounting for 84{81cc0fe1eab66fe80e6ceffe4a8fe2aab5fa5a99360d51e86fd3ace4228455bf} of the mixed whole. England taken as a unit and measured against worldwide states has the fourth largest inhabitants in the European Union and could be the twenty fifth largest nation by inhabitants on the planet. With a density of 424 people per square kilometre, it will be the second most densely populated nation within the European Union after Malta.


The monarch of the United Kingdom is represented by a Lord High Commissioner. Methodism is the fourth largest and grew out of Anglicanism through John Wesley. It gained recognition in the old mill cities of Lancashire and Yorkshire, also amongst tin miners in Cornwall.

In Parliament two factions had emerged – the Tories and Whigs. Though the Tories initially supported Catholic king James II, some of them, along with the Whigs, through the Revolution of 1688 invited Dutch prince William of Orange to defeat James and in the end to turn into William III of England. Some English individuals, particularly within the north, had been Jacobites and continued to assist James and his sons. After the parliaments of England and Scotland agreed, the 2 countries joined in political union, to create the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707. To accommodate the union, establishments such because the legislation and nationwide churches of every remained separate.

The provide attracted migrants from contained in the nation—and waves of extra immigrants from Europe. For instance, many people from Sweden, the place land was extremely scarce, had been drawn to come to the United States. These brave settlers labored exhausting to start a new life on the frontier.

Power shifts in east-central Europe led to World War I; tons of of thousands of English troopers died preventing for the United Kingdom as a part of the Allies.[nb three] Two many years later, in World War II, the United Kingdom was once more one of the Allies. At the top of the Phoney War, Winston Churchill grew to become the wartime Prime Minister. Developments in warfare know-how noticed many cities damaged by air-raids through the Blitz. Following the war, the British Empire experienced fast decolonisation, and there was a speeding up of technological innovations; vehicles grew to become the first technique of transport and Frank Whittle’s development of the jet engine led to wider air journey.