Several standards had been used to determine how a lot detail is offered for the chosen islands. Islands over 17,000 square kilometres are too massive to summarize in this directory format; every ought to have a e-book in itself, and receives only cursory therapy here. Only oceanic islands are included; these occurring in freshwater bodies have not been coated. Small islands are handled differently depending on their location.


– The indices and tables provide direct links to the nation and island pages. n) The names of terrestrial and marine protected areas on the island and their area in hectares. Recent official proposals for protected areas may listed for some countries.

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The deficiencies within the information out there imply that most of the means for comparing and score island traits in this directory cannot be used to their full potential at current. A zero value or the absence of an entry cannot be taken as which means more than that the information was not out there at the time of compilation. While the fact that certain islands stand out for his or her environmental significance on this listing is important, the converse is not the case; island that don’t stand out may only be poorly documented, not uninteresting. This drawback ought to be diminished as extra info is compiled.


  • Many islands are little more than barren rock with few crops or animals on them.
  • The limiting factor on Lanai has always been water, but Ellison would build a state-of-the-art desalination plant to supply more fresh water.
  • Rick, Marty and the Oak Island group are back for the biggest season yet – bringing with them extra determination, sources and know-how than ever in their quest to unravel the 224-yr outdated treasure thriller.

The format has been designed to summarize many varieties of information to offer an overview of the geographic, ecological and human curiosity of islands. Where the data obtainable are enough, a variety of indicators are used to make listings and comparisons of islands easier.


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It’s understated, providing all the necessities an island wants and nothing it would not. When folks go to the Inn, they often discuss how they really feel like they’ve stepped back in time. Perched on a hillside with inspiring views of Casco Bay, Chebeague Island Inn has been a three-season haven for vacationers for the reason that late Eighties and was completely restored in 2004. Thank you for an incredible season, Chebeague Island Inn is now closed.

f) Much of the out there data is critically old-fashioned. No island stays nonetheless in time, and conditions or options could change from the time when they were described. Many sources fail to give the dates for their information, and old information may be assumed to be present. Much island data dates from expeditions early on this century, or from World War II, and it’ll must be confirmed or revised from up-to-date surveys before using it as the basis for necessary selections or conservation actions. Dates have been added the place recognized to the kinds of info within the directory where this may be crucial, as with inhabitants figures or the standing of a species.

The measurement of every entry has been adjusted to the quantity of information entered. General Description and Criteria for InclusionThis Island Directory provides an annotated list of almost 2,000 of the numerous islands of the world.

b) Most islands are still rather poorly identified scientifically, partly because work on one island cannot be simply generalized to others. New species are nonetheless being found in obvious and well-identified categories such as birds and reptiles.