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Your experience will continue from the foot of Langjökull to driving up onto the glacier. The added advantage of travelling this manner is that you will have far more time to enjoy the views from the highest. Once you could have reached your stopping point, you will be able to go searching and take in the gorgeous vistas. You will then make a journey to see the glacier from a unique angle; from the within. This part of the tour is unique and is the result of structural specialists carving a tunnel deep into the glacier.

The solely cause puffins come into land during summer season is to breed and nest their eggs. These magnificent creatures mate for life and come back to their similar nesting spot every year to boost their puffling. On this speedboat tour, you may be supplied with a full-physique go well with, life vest, goggles and a scarf which you’ll be able to maintain after the trip. We do, nevertheless, advocate that you simply dress warmly and produce a hat and gloves. You can convey a digital camera on the trip, and you’ll keep it inside your suit during the travel to the islands.

  • It’s a really enjoyable touristy city on the seaside and there are many all-inclusive resorts of various sizes alongside the coast close to there.
  • Customise your vacation during booking in order that it’s exactly what you have been dreaming of.
  • El Cozumeleño is a mid-range all-inclusive resort situated instantly on a protracted, slender beach in northern Cozumel.
  • You’ll take pleasure in another spherical and scrumptious meals with every further night time stayed.
  • Costco Travel offered a number of multi-region packages, with train tickets and motels included for other cities like Barcelona.

Experience the true wonders of the puffin on this exclusive RIB speed boat tour from Reykjavík previous harbour. Icelanders are lucky that after only a 5-10min sail from Reykjavík is likely one of the most important puffin colonies on the earth and on solely 2 of the small islands within the bay there are round 40.000 puffins. Hop abroad a custom made RIB boat with suspension seats which offer you more comfort and make it easier for us to get much nearer to the islands than larger boats.

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The Northern Lights, also referred to as the Aurora Borealis, is a very mesmerizing sight. Dancing colors and shapes, lighting up the dark northern sky is something you do not come throughout usually in your lifetime. Many travellers say that watching the Northern Lights is the highlight of their journey to Iceland, so it’s an experience not to be missed. During the tour, you may be supplied hot chocolate and biscuits to keep warm, and for those wanting a taste of the Icelandic tradition, we will supply to add Icelandic Brennivín to their scorching chocolate (20+).

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Included in the tour are free photographs, which will be captured on camera when the Northern Lights are noticed. The photographs from the journeys could be accessed online after the tour, and you’ll be sure to convey this great reminiscence again house with you!