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Henry VIII broke from communion with the Catholic Church, over issues regarding his divorce, underneath the Acts of Supremacy in 1534 which proclaimed the monarch head of the Church of England. In distinction with a lot of European Protestantism, the roots of the split had been extra political than theological.[nb 2] He also legally included his ancestral land Wales into the Kingdom of England with the 1535–1542 acts. There were inside religious conflicts during the reigns of Henry’s daughters, Mary I and Elizabeth I. The former took the nation again to Catholicism while the latter broke from it once more, forcefully asserting the supremacy of Anglicanism.

Fiji Islands

This is the second-highest variety of islands of any state of the United States; solely Alaska has more. “Crime Hinders Development, Democracy in Latin America, U.S. Says – US Department of State”. National Security and United States Policy Toward Latin America. Arguably, …

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